Would You Consider Doing A Creative Video That Answers FAQs

Would You Consider Doing A Creative Video That Answers FAQs?

Your audience will always have questions regardless of what your products and services are. This is why every business has an FAQ page in their website. If you haven’t set up your FAQ page, you might want to consider doing a creative video instead.

Although an FAQ page is an amazing resource that you can refer your clients, it’s a lot of reading. You can make your FAQ page engaging with drop downs and accordion layouts but it can still have a lot of words in it. Providing your answers in a recorded format, instead, is something different and creative.

Tips in doing a creative video for your FAQs

Now this might be outside the box but you don’t have to overthink it. You don’t need to overcomplicate the process. Here are some simple tips that can help you record your FAQ.

Use your cell phone. You don’t need expensive recording equipment. All you need is your mobile phone to record yourself while answering questions. Make sure you do it in a way that is engaging and full of clarity.

Make multiple videos. You don’t have to do one long video to answer all your customers’ questions. In fact, it might be better to do mini little recorded clips for every question. Also, you would be able to better explain if you’re focusing on one or a couple of questions per video.

Be visual. Don’t sit in front of your camera or cell phone and discuss the answer. Your main goal of doing a creative video is to show the answers and the solutions to their problems. Make your videos visual and engaging.

Provide in text for the people who prefer not to watch. There are those who prefer to go straight to the answer to their question. Providing an in text solves this and makes sure your FAQ video caters to all types of audience.

Gather all your questions. Start with your list of customer service requests. Choose the top 15 questions that you’ve received from your customers.
Aim your FAQ video to be 3-4 minutes long. Your goal is to provide an easy answer to your customers. And it wouldn’t help if you provide them with a long recorded explanation. If needed, consider breaking it up by chapters. This will allow people to skip around. And there are many platforms including Youtube that allow you to do that.

Create a script. Break your questions into the order or grouping that makes the most sense. Write yourself a script of the pieces that you want to cover. Having a script or even a checklist helps make sure you don’t miss anything. It would be a waste of time to have to redo the entire recording when you realize you missed an important detail.

Practice a few times. Before you record your FAQ video, you’ll want to practice a couple of times. Use your script and record yourself while practicing. This will help you get better as you will see where you need to improve or change.

Another reason for you to practice is to allow yourself to become comfortable in front of the camera. Recording yourself while speaking to your audience can be difficult and you might make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. Practicing helps you get close to perfection without any misinformation.

Edit and remove the unwanted parts. Make sure you edit your recorded FAQ video to remove the unwanted parts. This will reduce the size, making it concise and direct to the point.

This FAQ video is going to have longstanding value for you and your customers. So start gathering questions and writing your script. Follow these tips in doing a creative video that’s going to serve your customers well.

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